Web-Based Coaching

Staley Performance Institute has created one of the most exciting Online and One on One Coaching Programs. Our Online Coaching Program brings the latest in interactive technology to deliver the most advanced Sports Performance website and training programs available. Coaching is customized for those who want a set solution for a specific issue. This works on solving the exact training issue you are trying to improve, and works in a course format where there is an expected outcome you reach at the end of your course.

How does this differ from one-on-one coaching?
Typical online training or one on one personal coaching is more for motivation, and while that type of training may work on specific issues, the usual reason one works with a trainer is to have that daily push to keep going and keep motivated.
Staley Performance Programs differs in that the client brings a problem to a coach online and our Coach designs a plan of attack for that problem. The program meets the time availability of the client and matches the goal the person is trying to reach. For example, someone who wants to improve his or her golf game in the fall would probably end up on a specific program designed to increase their cardio conditioning, functional strength, flexibility and core strength in a proven sports specific format.

How it works?
By answering various levels of assessments, our coaches will create a program that is best suited for you. Our online program comes with video clips of each sports specific exercise from multiple angles, daily performance monitors, weekly status reports, health and fitness calculators, and a vast library of content. The program also progresses with your individual needs, delivering comprehensive phases of fitness that continue to elevate your sports performance as the body’s capacity for fitness increases. S.P.I coaching also delivers an in-depth nutrition program through a web-based engine that considers your individual caloric and nutrient needs customized to your individual program, meal timing, food preferences, recipes, printable shopping lists, and much more.