7 Night Tri-Cor Vacations

Staley Performance Tri-Core Lifting Vacations are a unique training getaway designed for all ages and training abilities. We believe that the most important training targets are speed-strength, maximum strength, and strength-endurance. Development across these three qualities optimizes lean-body mass and overall athletic functioning. Conveniently, these three qualities can be effectively developed using events from the sports of weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman. Our Tri-Cor Lifting Vacations are all about teaching you all elements of strength, finding your limits and learning from some of the greatest coaches in the industry! Rebuild yourself through our structured Tri-Cor training, education and relaxation.
 Our 7 night and 3 night training vacation retreats run with flexible dates. Your stay will be at the AAA Four Diamond Arizona Grand Resort the leading Arizona family vacation getaway and Southwest meetings destination. The 740 suite hotel and conference center offers an 18-hole golf course, athletic club, spa, salon, a 7-acre water park, seven unique dining venues and 117,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor meeting space in Phoenix, Arizona.  You will live comfortably on-site while you train. 
The Power Lifting Training package provides the following:

• Introduction and Overview of Training like an Athlete
• The Deadlift/Clean/Farmer Walks and its variances
• The Squat/Jerk/Tire Flips and Its variances
• The Bench Press/Snatch/Prowler and variances
• Combinations and complex’s
• Planning and programming
•    Small Group Training
•    Living Accommodations
•    Movement Assessment
•    Body Fat Assessment
•    Weekly Follow Up Calls from our Expert Coaches
“What does a day of training look like at the Staley Performance Institute?”
Typically you’ll wake up in the comfort of your luxuriously appointed suite, where you might enjoy a cup of coffee on your private patio overlooking the golf course. After having breakfast in bed or at (our favorite) The Lobby Grill, you’ll get ready for your training session. After training you’ll have lunch and (depending on your mood) hang out at the pool, enjoy a round of golf at the Arizona Grand Golf Course, take a hike through the majestic beauty of Arizona’s South Mountain Park, or get pampered with a relaxing massage, cleansing body treatment, hydrating facial or one of the many salon services at the Arizona Grand Spa.
If there’s an afternoon small-group session, you’re welcome to participate, and if not, you’re free to enjoy the Arizona Grand Resorts Oasis Water Park voted in the Top 10 by the Travel Channel, head out to one of Arizona Grand Resort’s amazing restaurants for dinner, or just take a nap.
If you have special needs or interests, please let us know prior to your stay and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!
•    Running shoes with treaded soles or Lifting Shoes
•    Training Clothes or Gear
•    Swimwear
•    iPod with your favorite music
•    Sunglasses UV Protected
•    Sunscreen, waterproof
•    Camera and film (optional)
•    Laptop (Optional)
For more information please contact the Staley Performance Institute at or e-mail info@staleyperformance.com to inquire about rates, scheduling, and availability.


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