Sports Performance

Staley Performance Institute has developed relationships with some of the biggest names  in sports .  We offer one of the most  cutting edge One on One or team Sports Performance coaching programs.

We have a program for you if you…

• Encountered wobbly legs on the ski slopes last season and want to hit the mountains this year in shape and ready to out-ski your buddies.

• Are tired of your friends blowing the ball past you on the golf course.

• Need to drop a few pounds quickly and want to get in shape fast for a special event in your life, such as a wedding, trip to the beach or that dreaded class reunion.

• Want to run that first road race or triathlon and need a personal coach to get you ready.

• Need any help with any specific sport or fitness issue.

How does this differ from one-on-one coaching?

Sports specific training is for someone who wants a set solution for a specific fitness issue. This type of training is offered for up to eight weeks, works on solving the exact training issue you are trying improve, and works on a course format where there is an expected outcome you reach at the end of your course.

 One-on-one coaching, or personal training as it is commonly called, is more for motivation, and while that type of training may work on specific issues, the usual reason one works with a trainer is to have that daily push to keep going and keep motivated.

 Sports specific training differs in that the client brings a problem to a coach, the coach designs a plan of attack for that problem that meets the time available by the client and that matches the goal the person is trying to reach. For example, someone who wants to improve his or her skiing endurance in the fall would probably end up on a specific program designed to increase their cardio conditioning, functional strength, flexibility and overall fitness level in an eight-week format.

How it works…

The client meets with a coach who designs the program to reach the goal depending on the time available for the client, what the client wants to spend to reach that goal, and the minimum training needed for success.

 For more information about booking a session at Staley Performance Institute please call (602) 453-5567 or email

The course will run anywhere between a single meeting up to three times a week for eight weeks. The facility offers simple financing for anyone who wants multiple sessions.