Small Group Coaching

Does the Thought of Working Out with a Group of Motivated People Doing New and Exciting Exercises Inspire You?

We offer a small group training option in the SPI training department guaranteed to raise your level of training through an excitingly new approach to working out. This type of training, which focuses on strength, or as we call it “lifestyle enhancement” training, gets you up and moving in small groups working on exercises that will help you:
• Move better.

• Perform better in sports.

• Be more active in all aspects of your life.

• Make even the simple things such as chasing your kids or loading groceries in your SUV easier and more enjoyable.

We define lifestyle enhancement as making you more successful in anything that you choose to do in your life. SPI’s Tri-Cor training is working on your core strength areas and affects how far you hit a golf ball, how you feel after sitting in your office all day, how your back feels after lugging your kids around for the weekend and other basic physical movements we all take for granted.

We offer this training in a small group setting for those who like group dynamics and who are driven to new heights by being surrounded by a group of motivated training partners. The exercises are things you probably have never tried, the coaches are exciting and get everyone moving, and the results come in just a few weeks.

Classes are regularly scheduled or can be booked on an appointment basis if you have two or more participants ready to go. We have classes going on all the time and can usually find you a group to join that is already in progress.

Remember that this type of class allows for folks of all different fitness levels to participate together and go at their own speed.

For more information about enrolling in our popular Tri-Cor training classes at Staley Performance Institute please call (602) 453-5567 or email