Tri-Cor Schedule

We are excited to announce beginning January 25th, 2011 the Staley Performance Institute will be launching the well anticipated 4 week Tri-Cor Fundamental Classes.  Participants will meet 3 time a week.
TriCor™ is a proprietary small-group training system created by famed Performance Coach Charles Staley
TriCor™ stresses the development of three key fitness attributes— maximum strength, power, and strength-endurance—  all accomplished synergistically within a single high-voltage workout.
TriCor™ emphasizes performance over pain, and takes advantage of the natural energy, enthusiasm,  and camaraderie that naturally arises in small group settings.
If you’re looking for a change of pace, better results, and a lot of fun, TriCor™ was meant just for you.  Class sizes are limited and will be on a first come basis. Click below to reserve your spot today

Click Here Tri-Cor Class Schedule