The Right Service

Staley Performance will design a Corporate Wellness Program to suit your particular needs and stay within your budget.  Whether you’d like a weekly weight management program, a multi-day health fair, an ongoing group exercise class, or just a quick lunchtime cooking demonstration, we’ll design and implement a program that fits your budget and gets results.

Health Risk  Assessment                                                                                                                                                               A  Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is the foundation of a successful wellness program.  By understanding the factors impacting employee health, we can prioritize interventions and target specific audiences. Health Risk Assessments are a wise investment that will help shape the future direction of your wellness program.

Our Assessments include:
• Detailed Online HRA Questionnaire
• Confidential Individual Results
• Fit Cents will report with executive summary detailing your company’s risk factors and recommendations for prevention, goal setting and program development.

NutritionSeminars                                                                                                             Nutrition is an essential component to wellness. It is a broad topic that can be incorporated into so many facets of the workplace. With recent statistics showing 62% of Americans are overweight or obese, it makes financial sense for employers to invest in effective nutrition education. SPI nutrition seminars connect the dots between health screenings (which inform employees about health risks) and adopting new behavior changes. Programs range from single 45-minute lunch-and-learn sessions to multi-session behavior modification courses. Our nutrition seminars are high energy, motivational and jam packed with the most up to date nutrition news. 

Topics offered:
• Office Survival 101
• Basics of Nutrition 101
• Losing Weight and Fad Diets: Do They Work?
• The Food and Disease Connection
• 10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Health
• Portion Distortion
• Eating on the Road
• Holiday Eating Strategies
• Do You Suffer From “I can’tittus”
• Healthy Meals In 30 Minutes Or Less

On-site Fitness Seminars                                                                                        The Corporate Wellness educators at the Staley Performance Institute know that exercise is the key to getting employees to make a difference in their health. Studies show employees are more likely to start and sustain a fitness program when they have access to fitness professionals. Our staff is known for their unique ability to communicate, educate and motivate! 

Our seminars include:
• Tri -Cor Training 101 – Finding the Motivation To Get Moving
• Tir-Cor Strength Training – How to Make It a Part of Your Everyday Life
• The Top Ten Fitness Mistakes
• Step Up Your Way to Fitness 
• Optimizing Weight Management Through Everyday Activity
• The Basics of Joint Health and the Joint to Joint Approach
• Endurance Sports – How to Train
• Using exercise to Develop Balance, Coordination and Stamina
• Everyday Meditation for Relaxation

Corporate Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges
Team Challenges are a cost-effective approach to improving the overall health status of your workforce. SPI uniquely combines incentives with targeted education to help your employees achieve specific health or behavior goals that reduce their health risks and improve your company’s overall productivity. Challenges build teamwork and morale – while encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.

Each Wellness Challenge consists of these major components:
• Branded online portal where employees can log their biometric data and health activities
• Explanation, training and initiation meetings for the challenge
• Promotional materials to communicate the campaign to employees
• Educational weekly newsletter
• An evaluation at the end of each program that measures effectiveness
• Incentive management 

One-on-One Consulting                                                                                                                               Our professional coaching staff is available for private consulting services on an hourly basis. These services are also available on line.
Life Coaches assist employees by:
• Identifying the essential changes an employee wants to make, but has not been able to do on their own
• Breaking down steps into manageable, bite-size and do-able action steps
• Working with the employee to honor their commitment to change and helping them follow-through when things get tough
• Holding them accountable when they feel like giving up
Online Wellness Coaching 
Staley Performance provides motivational online coaching by certified coaches and certified personal trainers.

This professional service helps clients to:
• Create and achieve goals in areas ranging from building better health to changing jobs and career fields
• Develop a rewarding balance between life and work
• Identify and implement their strengths to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want out of life
• Prioritize their goals and shift their time and energy towards the accomplishment of those goals 

Full Year Wellness Programs 
Staley Performance works with its clients to develop year long wellness programs which tie into the major national health observances calendar. We work with you to achieve a high participation rate. Interventions are ongoing and designed to touch employees as often as possible during the course of a year.

A typical year-round wellness service could include:
• Confidential employee Health Risk Assessment with aggregate employer reports
• A Health Fair with health screenings and education
• An eight week holiday weight maintenance Program
• A 12 week fitness program with a custom theme
• Quarterly lunch and learning sessions targeted to your organizations specific health needs
• Health coaching for high risk employees
• Monthly Healthy Living Newsletter for employees

Gym management
SPI Corporate Wellness is the premium choice for corporate gym management as well as initial set up and design of the gym, we have a team of professionals that can design and implement the set up of the gym.

Management of the  gym                                                                                                                                                                                    • Conduct weekly fitness classes
• Supervise the gymnasium
• Supplying the staff
• Write fitness programs out for all levels of staff in the company
• Conduct regular health and fitness assessments to the entire company
• Marketing the services available within the company
• Free nutritional consultations
• Discounted health services to the staff

Set up and design of the gym                                                                                                                             

Planning and design of the gym layout
Supplying and installing of the equipment

Executive Training 

Executive Training is a program developed for the company who requires specific physical training for their executive employees. You will be supplied with a well qualified and experienced executive personal or group trainer. The program is developed for companies who understand the need for their top level executive team to be physically, and also mentally motivated to achieve results.  An individually designed program is catered for your companie’s requirements, where your executive team will experience a wide variety of fitness activities including team building,  resistance training, weights, boxing, yoga, hiking and much more.
Along with these individual sessions, SPI can also provide the following:

•Healthy tips newsletter
•Priority booking timeslots
•Nutritional consultation
•Body analysis and fitness measurements
•Monthly goal setting session
•Regularly posture analysis
•Written exercise contract between your trainer and yourself to ensure your success
•Phone & email support