The Right Partner

Launching and administering a health and wellness initiative with the Staley Performance Institute requires little effort on the part of your company. Even if you currently have an on-site fitness facility, or would like to develop one, we can integrate it with our facilities to maximize employee participation and your return on investment. At no charge, one of our Corporate Program Experts will be pleased to complete a Corporate Fitness Profile for your company. This profile will assist you in evaluating your current position, where you are headed, and help you plan for the future.


Our commitment extends far beyond providing great facilities and equipment at an affordable price. We want our members to reach their goals and achieve optimal health. Our mission is to provide outstanding service, programming, and support for professionals who care about people regardless of their shape, size, or current physical abilities. Staley Performance ”Standards of Excellence” provides members and potential members the assurance that our facilities will always meet the most stringent requirements for quality and effectiveness by offering the most up-to-date, scientifically developed programs and innovations available today. 


Busy people need convenient access to their health club if they are going to succeed at incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Few factors matter more. The Staley Performance Institute is located  is located at the Arizona Grand Resort directly off the I-10.  The institute offers an array of equipment, programming, and online services which are some of the best in the world.  


Helping people achieve their goals and lead healthy lives is a rewarding experience. It’s why people choose careers in fitness. Our staff brings more than professional fitness certifications and degrees to work each day, they bring their passion for helping people get fit.