Corporate Wellness

Our  Corporate Wellness coaches are prepared to work with any company and their employees every step of the way to living a “Higher Quality of Life”.  Our program is designed to make sure that their employees get the information and motivation they need to modify their lifestyles and give their business a better return on their human resource investment. Good health is just good business.  We have a multitude of flexible program options available to fit a company’s specific needs.

The Corporate Wellness division of the Staley Performacne Institute is an employee health and wellness solutions company that provides consulting, managing, and training solutions to businesses that want to improve their employee’s health and reduce overall healthcare cost. Our strength is our proactive hands-on approach to servicing our clients by getting a thorough understanding of our client’s business industry, their competitors, their business objectives, and their staff. We strive to create a true partnership with our clients by providing them with the tools, information, and service they need to make a good decision about improving the health and wellness of their employees.

The Right Partner
The Right Plan
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