We believe that regular physical training is a prerequisite for a happy, healthy, successful, productive life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school teacher, a soldier, an entreprenuer, or a housewife. (Notice we didn’t use the word “exercise” — more on that in a moment…)

We also believe that thinking like an athlete (as opposed to thinking like an “exerciser”) is the key to removing your self-imposed obstacles toward better fitness and physical functioning. Many people assume that they don’t have the time, pain-tolerance, equipment, motivation, or knowledge to get and stay in shape. We’re out to remove those obstacles by shattering the mythology— the “fitness fog” propagated through the prevailing media: books, magazines, websites, television, shows, and mis-informed personal trainers. If we tried to follow their ill-fated advice, we’d be couch potatoes too!

We’re also aware that some of you might be off-put when you hear us talking about “training” and “athletes,” so allow us to explain:

Thinking (and living) like an athlete doesn’t require bulging biceps, a nasty steroid habit, or a pantry full of potions and powders. It also doesn’t require spending your life at the gym or smelling like a mixture of sweat and Ben Gay. It doesn’t require great or even good athletic pedigree or talent. (Perhaps best of all, you don’t even need to do aerobics or crunches— after all, we don’t!)

Thinking like an athlete DOES require a passion for self-improvement and a desire to look, feel and perform better than you ever have before. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle that reflects positive self-worth and an understanding that new PR’s (personal records) in the gym fuel more great performances at home, in the community, and in the office