Coach Charles Staley

Coach Charles Staley
“One of the signs of a great teacher is the ability to make the subject matter seem simple. Charles Staley is one of these rare teachers. After listening and talking to him, you suddenly achieve a new awareness of training. You go to the gym and, suddenly, everything makes sense, and you wonder why you haven’t been doing it his way since day one.” – Muscle Media 2000 Magazine August, 1999

Fitness, sports training and physical performance have been life-long passions for Charles Staley. From a young age, Charles came to learn that he was NOT a “natural” when it came to sports, physical fitness and performance. This lack of natural ability is what drove Charles to study and learn more and more about the human body and physical performance. 

He’s a coach who trains smart, effectively and in simple terms — no great mystery to the process.

In the eyes of his colleagues, Charles is known as a visionary, an iconoclast and a rule-breaker. Clients call him “The Secret Weapon,” as he possesses the keen and perceptive ability to recognize individual strengths and shortcomings. Since he struggled in Phys Ed throughout school, Charles calls himself a “geek” — no matter what you call him, Charles’ methods are leading-edge and ahead of their time and can quickly produce serious results. 

As the innovator of EDT (Escalating Density Training), Charles teaches how muscle-size increases if you force them to work harder — not longer. The concept behind EDT is amazingly simple. It’s challenging, it’s unique with each training session and it’s fun. Muscle Logic is the book Charles authored on the practice of EDT, and it is published by the renowned Rodale Books.

Prominent in the United States and many other countries, Charles is recognized as a authoritative coach and innovator in the field. His knowledge, skills and reputation have lead to appearances on NBC’s The TODAY Show and The CBS Early Show, along with many radio appearances. He has written over a thousand articles for major publications and online websites in the industry. 

Currently, Charles competes in Olympic-style weightlifting on the master’s circuit, with a short-term goal of competing in the 2011 Master’s World Championships.